House Of Fries

They said “Food is Life“, of course it is! since it is one of the basic needs in order for us to survive as a human being. I really like to eat, not just breakfast, lunch and evening routine but when I am happy, sad and stressed I eat snack or food which accompanies me with music. From the 18 years of existence in my hometown I was a bit shocked for not being informed that there is a restaurant here which I do not visit yet. It was so ironic that my friend who lives in the other city introduced me the restaurant than discovering it by myself who lives in the same city which is built.

IMG_20180318_114453The restaurant is named “House Of Fries” hmm it is not like what you think, not all menu’s here are fries with its different tasty flavors, there are fried chicken, burgers, footlongs, spaghetti and other food delicacies which will be enjoyed by family and friends in a very low price. IMG_20180313_152555As we get inside the place it captures my eyes with its cute design covering the area, and a freedom wall can be seen also posted hand written by their customers to what are their feeling, emotion or a shout out for the day. Their service is good, they facilitate and serves the customers well and good to know that they have for delivery service as well. IMG_20180318_114955We ordered footlong and I gave a thumbs up for how it taste!


“City of Majestic Waterfalls to Province”

It was in my Grade 10 year when we had our Economic subject. The discussion of Economics was about plantation and businesses on a market place. To relate the discussion in our activity, our teacher conducted a field trip called Eco Trip and made it as our performance task.

Our Eco Trip was scheduled during weekend Saturday, the meeting place was at the crossing of Regs Resort. I came according to the time given and go with my “barkada” in one jeepney which was being “Pakyaw” by our teacher. The jeepneys was from Ditucalan lane. We drove when we are already complete.

The Eco Trip was not just for 1 class but for all Grade 10 students and our class was with other two sections. We are so excited since we are complete I mean it’s like bonding with my barkada in a jeepney travelling to other places since most of my close friends were my classmates. The places we travelled was Agus/ Dam station, Maria Cristina Falls and other hydroelectric plant that can be found only in the border of Iligan City. I can say that Iligan City is gifted with water resources, but it questioned me somehow why Iligan City experienced black-out and reason out the city experienced lack of water energy.



Maria Cristina falls describe as a crying lady because of the heavy waterfall falling in the left and right side which interpret as Maria Cristina’s tears. 7After visiting Hydroelectric plantations and an Eco park we go to our last destination, the Hill Top. It is located in a highland area, it is like a peak wherein you can view the beautiful surroundings below, the houses, establishments and the ocean with the sun rises and coming down while you at the top watching like you own a mansion in the hill.


The time when we go there I braced myself because the road we take was going up the hill and good thing the jeepney we rode was critically assured by our teacher that it is a strong as a carabao. We arrived there with amusement, the road tells us that we are going to heaven. The place feels overwhelming or relaxing. It is surrounded with nature and it has a good taste of food too where you can dine in with a date. The place is a good place also for wedding reception because of its area and the romantic surrounding. The heavenly feeling from the Hill Top ends right away when we decided to go home and enjoyed the remaining time while going down the hill.
We go back to the city proper and when I arrived at home, I packed other things again with my parents because we are going to my relative’s home in Linamon, Samburon to visit. I can’t deny that I missed them since it’s been a long time I didn’t able to see their presence. We drove directly to our province. Compare to Ditucalan the road for Linamon is a normal flat and straight road to travel in. I love the cool feeling from the sea breeze when we travel. My roadtrip will not be complete without an earphone that connects to the music playlist in my phone. The best feeling is when the music suits the surrounding.

When we arrived in our relative’s place, I sweetly embraced them and excitedly go to their neighbor, the seashore. I missed the sea which we don’t have in our living area since we are only near to mountains. I remembered the first and last time I visited, I can’t stop visiting the seashore at night and watch the stars and moon above. The waves of the sea sounds like it calls me and seduce to drive in but unfortunately, I don’t know how to swim yet, I only know back and front floating but not to swim in a deeper area I love to observe the sea in a high tide then goes low tide, low tide then high tide. When it became low tide, big rocks from the sea came out with clams, seashells, and starfish which I enjoyed since I was a kid until now I grown up. I realized awfully that I want this kind of place, my paradise. Obviously when I stayed at my province I became more tanned, I don’t care, sea is the apple of my eye.

Paseo de Santiago, Dayon Kamo! (Please Come in!)



The afternoon of January 27 was hot that time and was waiting for 2:40 pm to come then meet my schoolmate at Tambo Jeepney and Bus Terminal. Walking down from home to Terminal since it was a bit near and want to save 6 pesos in a jeepney fare. The surrounding became shady when about to reach the Terminal. We meet with my friend and decided to ride a jeepney that passes Highway 30 which will be the stop over for another jeep to reach Paseo de Santiago.

Vehicles was busy running in Highway and we are near in Highway 30 which is known as one of the famous Gym/Physical Fitness Center of Iligan City. While waiting Santiago Line Jeepney, Trisikad/Traysikad is the first thing you will notice around the area going inside the Barangay Santiago.
Trisikad is a Philippine pedicab that has 3 wheels for transporting passengers to their destination. We didn’t ride on Trisikad instead we commute Santiago Line since we are in a hurry to catch up the 10 pesos entrance fee of Paseo de Santiago.

Entrance Fee from 6 a.m-2:59 p.m is 10 pesos only while starting from 3 p.m-10 p.m will be 20 pesos per head. Sadly, we arrived at 3:30 p.m so we payed 20 pesos then.
Barangay Santiago of Iligan City is known as the area of dumpsite in the city, in 1950’s Barangay Santiago’s 10-hectare area was opened as a dumping area and that makes the residents to complain about the possible effects of waste to them. As years goes by Barangay Santiago upgraded and make the place as a new Favorite Spot. Paseo de Santiago lifts up tourism and did change the perception of Barangay Santiago as a dumpsite area.

1.jpgArriving at Paseo de Santiago welcomed us with a wide entrance and the cool breeze from the seashore that swiftly brushes my hair to one side. “Dayon kamo, Paseo de Santiago” entrance shows its regionalism in dialect. With HUMSS students and teachers we witnessed the beauty of the new spot of Iligan and thankful to our literary journal which made us to visit this place.

The sky became cloudy until raindrops falling into the surface. We were wandering around like we are a tourist from the other city. The presence of the sea gives refreshment and it is like a stress reliever. Taking pictures was the first thing we did either for documentation, blogging, Instagram, Facebook or for other purposes.

2Many people captured every angle, like others are posing in Iligan City Standee, displayed Kalesa, displayed Jeepney, Philippine standee, seashore, Lapu-lapu standee/statue, under the lantern, trees and anywhere where they think it has a good background to be captured. To those who know how to ride a bicycle, there is bicycle for rent which is 50 pesos per hour only around the Paseo. There are KTV rooms, PS4 room or gaming room for 120 pesos per hour. There are good foods to be craved of like waffles, popcorn, burger, French fries and junk foods as snacks, buko juice, soft drinks and beverages are in for one’s thirst. Samyang, isaw, canton, barbeque and many more are the foods to eat. Kilig moments with the live band will be witnessed at 7 pm.

Sunset can be seen in the area but since it’s cloudy we didn’t see well the glowing of sunset going down shyly in the sea’s horizon. Paseo de Santiago is a good place to stay for bonding moments with family, friends, in relationship or workmates. We’re just watching the surroundings became dimmer. The place looks lovelier because of couples anywhere where it matches the heart and in love design around as a preparation for the Month of Hearts, February. It was near 7 p.m and the area were fully lightened up with lights and lantern that makes the place glowing and romantic.

The Paseo de Santiago tour was a success.


Samsung at your service

Meet Samsung! One of the World’s Largest Tech Company.

“Technology is best when it brings people together” –Matt Mullenweg


Samsung Company is one of the company I admired and somehow it gives me interest to apply as their worker in the near future.

People around the world are using mobile phones and other high technology or services in order the world will live simple and easier to work and connect to other people which does not need to communicate physically but communicate through technology’s existence. Samsung company and its products is popular, seeing it distributed in the marketplace and commonly observed in advertisements proves that this company is successful as their brand serving the goods in modern technology.

Samsung Company does not only focuses in business or entrepreneurship then having its intervention every year. People of Samsung are also caring, again not just for money but for the goodness of the globe. They implement and mind the part of the customers wherein they give attention to the customer’s preference and something they tell you that, they are not the only one who can earn and benefit of the product but the people as well as the Samsung company gives and maintain their goal which is Sustainable Development Goals.


A piece of my memory


The moment I can keep when I was in my Junior High was the time I spent with my close friends. It’s such a blessing having a circle of friends that treats you well and does not forget those funny moments we shared to each other.


Treasure your true friends and don’t let them go. They said true friends are hard to find since basically they are for keeps which is really true. Friendship is whether you are far or near to them, they recognize you still and as part of their life then give you a space in their hearts as one of the best persons to keep. Either you didn’t meet your close friend for a long time and when you two meet then experiencing the same atmosphere you two have shared before, well that’s what friends is.  It is indeed true that friends can break your heart too and betrayal is commonly seen in a circle of friends but if we already found true friends, be thankful.


It’s been almost 5 years keeping the memories with them, although most of us were able to enrolled to different schools for Senior High School according to our preferences we are going to follow for our chosen academic field. Sad because we are now apart to each other but thanks to our modern technology and internet connection we able to connect each other and communicate well. Hopefully reunion will take its place as soon as possible.


The company with your friends will be missed when you have to start all over again and meet new different people in the new stage of your life. That’s life, the word “adjust” must be done in order to adapt the new surroundings in the new school of being a Senior high student. Along the way as we take new levels, we encountered changes and that makes a person to be matured enough in dealing situations as a student. Trials, challenges and problems we encountered inside the school gave us students academic stress. But I know what we sacrifice now will be payed of soon, so as long as possible keep doing your best and keep high the determination to graduate successfully. The learning we take inside the school from the Junior High to Senior High will be worth it when we apply it to reality, since this what we stand now is not the real world yet. They said real world is to become an independent and that will be a war to survive, which I agreed. By the time the Real world will come it is in our hands to manage it well.